With Locodor, it is your time to shine. Share your ideas with thousands of crowdfunders today, on a unique and vibrant platform that not only helps you raise money to turn your idea into reality but build long term relationship with your funders and supporters. Locodor is the first ever social media crowdfunding network that gives a platform to your vision and helps you gain exposure, through networking.

With Locodor you can get your ideas off the ground, whether you are a game designer, app builder, software engineer or a genius individual who has just come up with a fantastic idea for a great new gadget. At Locodor you can become friends with like-minded folks who are willing to support your idea, and take it from idea building phase to the finished product by helping you achieve your funding goal. As a member of Locodor you can create your marketing campaign, share it with your friends and spread the word across a range of other platforms.

Locodor gives you the freedom to engage and interact with your funders, supporters, and other members on the Locodor willing to support you, whenever and wherever you need.


Together is always better, and this is the motto that has helped the team at Locodor to introduce world’s first ever social media crowdfunding platform, encouraging young innovators and creators to get noticed and bring their creative ideas to life.


Join our enthusiastic, kind and supportive Locodor Crowd. We invite investors and innovators alike to network with each other, find like-minded individuals and share resources, take guidance and inspire each other to become more.

At Locodor, our motto is to help individuals start their creative journey with all the help they need through a FREE digital platform. Locodor helps artists, film makers, game designers, software engineers, artists, musicians, designers, and creators who are enthusiastic of bringing out something new to the world. We help them find the right resources and the support they need to transform their ideas into reality.

Locodor offers combines social media network features with that of a crowdfunding platform, enabling Locodor members to link your current campaign on Locodor and share it on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to get more exposure. On Locodor you can build your profile and make new friends who share your interests.


Locodor is a one of a kind social media crowdfunding network where innovators meet investors via an informal, interactive and engaging platform. Investing in startups, new product or an idea involves risks, including lack of dividends, illiquidity and loss of investment. Locodor is targeted exclusively at supporters and investors who are sufficiently knowledgeable and sophisticated enough to understand the risks in bringing an innovative idea to fruition.

Through our interactive platform, we connect innovators and investors not only to fund an idea but also to help it bring to life with continued financial support by allowing both parties to build long term relationship with each other. Whether it’s a project you are currently involved in or a cause you want to raise funds for, start a campaign on Locodor today and attract investors who support your idea or cause. Make a video and add it to your campaign to better connect with potential investors.

Locodor is a social network of active crowdfunders. Follow the steps and take your idea to the next level:

1. Create a campaign
2. Upload your existing campaign from other sites, such as, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Seedrs, Ourcrowd, etc.
3. Promote your campaign and get more exposure.
4. Network with innovators and creators.
5. Reach New Pledges and
6. Attract new investors to invest and help you to bring your idea into the market.
7. Get funded.

Locodor is all about presenting your idea through a robust and interactive social media crowdfunding platform that offers you a chance to bring your ideas to life by getting all the support you need at the right time.

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